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    Be an Insider with Bliss Travels

    Bliss Travels opens doors in Paris, Burgundy, Provence, Bordeaux and all along the Mediterranean, giving you access to people and places that most tourists don't get to see, in small-group culinary and wine tours of less than 12 people.

    Bliss Travels was founded on the idea of providing special, hard-to-find experiences for people traveling in France, with unique custom vacations, culinary & wine trips and private travel that cannot be replicated without the special, in depth knowledge of cultural insiders and local residents. The big bus tours have generic, crowded vacations covered. The airlines and travel agents have the "do-it-yourself" and the "big luxury hotel" market. Bliss Travels is different. They have personal relationships with local providers, chefs and winemakers who grant them exclusive access to sights, services and experiences most tourists never have. No matter the luxury level or price point, Bliss travelers have a truly authentic and personalized "insider" travel experience that cannot be found elsewhere. Experience Bliss! 

    The Heart of Provence

    Everyone knows Provence is stunning, but this is your chance to move beyond the beautiful landscapes. Enjoy the best local markets, dining in hidden country inns, cooking with locals and access to the kitchens of Michelin-starred chefs. It's Provence, as you would experience it if you were traveling with a friend “in the know”.  Come see what Bliss truly is! 

    Festival & Seaside Travel

    Summer in France - there's nothing like it! Join in the Bastille Day festivities in seaside village "fêtes" and street fairs. Vacation like the French do, away from crowded city centers and touristy resorts. Instead, escape to a castle and the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean, glass of superbe rosé in hand.  Add a Grand Finale on to any trip.

    Burgundy & Paris Insider

    Dine in the Paris apartment of a talented young chef. Visit the best wine bars and “off the beaten track” bistros, then be one of a very few who travel with us for the grape harvest in Burgundy and drink the finest wines in the world. Enjoy wine tastings in venues not open to the public; enjoy winemaker led private barrel tastings;  have your own sommelier-led Grand Cru tasting party; talk to the technical director for a world famous domaine; and enjoy top-level dining that ranges from casual market day picnics to Michelin stars and private chefs. A personalized, relaxed trip through Burgundy with "insiders" that is customized to reflect your preferences. See what everyone’s talking about.

    Holidays in Paris

    Paris sparkles for the holidays as you privately tour the markets and gourmet shops, luxuriate during a truffle and champagne picnic, and wine and dine in private homes and lesser-known gastronomic bistros. Explore the museums and neighborhoods with our French guide on custom designed walking tours and have a special Christmas day celebration.  

    One-of-a-kind Bordeaux & Basque France

    Stellar wines and gourmet dining without being “stuffy". Enjoy luxury lodging and exclusive access to vineyards and chateaux not open to the public. Taste world famous wines from chateaux like Haut Brion, Margaux, Pavie & Figeac in relaxed, private venues and in the chateaux themselves. Exclusive tastings in "closed to the public" vineyards like Cheval Blanc and dining in a chateau owner’s private dining room. Get a behind-the-scenes look at life in the wine capital of the world.

    Contact wendy@blisstravels.com for more information and to book.